Mar 17 2020

Covid-19 Curb Service

To our valued clients,

I hope this message finds all of you safe and healthy.  During these trying times Armonk Veterinary will continue to serve our community under normal business hours.  However, under these heightened circumstances we have made significant changes in our protocols to protect both our clients and staff.

  • Until further notice pet owners will no longer be allowed inside our hospital. You will find the doors locked. 
  • If you have a scheduled appointment, please follow the protocol outlined below:
  1. When you have arrived in our parking lot, please call our hospital to inform us and an Armonk Veterinary staff member (WEARING GLOVES AND A SURGICAL MASK) will meet you at your car door.
  • If you have a dog: the staff member will place a slip leash onto your dog’s neck. ONLY AFTER THIS LEASH IS PLACED you must remove and keep your own dog’s leash in the car with you.
  • If you have a cat: the cat MUST BE IN A CLOSED CARRIER. The staff member will take the cat carrier from you.
  1. If your patient is ill or there is something you need to discuss with the doctor prior to the exam, the doctor will either come out to the car to take your pet’s medical history or call you on your cell phone. If your patient is healthy just tell the staff member everything is fine. 
  2. Following the appointment, the doctor or staff member will return your pet to the car and discuss the findings from the visit.*

*If you do not already have a credit card saved on our system, please call to add one. Front desk will process the payment for the visit using your card on file and will E-mail you a receipt with the breakdown of charges.

Medication and Prescription Diet Pick-ups

  • Medication and prescription diets to be refilled must be called in ahead of pick-up time. At the time your refill order is placed, the prescription or diet will be filled, your credit card will be charged and the product will be placed outside the hospital front door.  All medication pill bottles will be placed inside a self-service pick-up box located by the hospital entrance.
  • Please make sure you double check the label on the prescription product to make sure you are picking up only your pet’s medication.
  • Both the medication pick-up box and prescription diet bags will be inaccessible when the hospital is closed. Medication/diet pick-ups will only be available during normal business hours.

 I know that any change in your routine can be anxiety provoking and I thank you for accommodating a few more from us.

Please stay healthy, 

Dr. Rick Germano


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